Ragball Unit



Ragball is a game similar to baseball or softball.  One team will bat and the other team will be in the field.


Modified Ragball Rules

·      The Ragball is a “softer” softball sized ball.

·      When the ball is batted, the players in the field must tag the cone (base) that the batter is running to before they get there.

·      There is NO tagging the base runner.

·      If a base runner has no one behind them they do not need to run to the next base.

·      There is a “no tag” rule which means any ball that is hit the base runners can advance (even if the ball is caught).

·      If a runner chooses to advance they cannot go back to the previous base.

·      There will be a “pitcher rule” stating that if the players in the field get the ball to the pitcher before a player is half way to the next base then the base runner cannot advance.

·      The base runner must go back to the previous base.