Classroom News

  •     The children are busy creating wonderful artwork in my room! The Kindergarteners are learning about color families while continuing their practice on cutting and gluing skills. They are currently working on a picture inspired by the artist Roy Lichtenstein.

    First Graders are learning about Alexander Calder while reviewing color families. They are creating a picture similar to his painting titled, Mountains and Balloons.

    The second Graders have just finished their fall owl collages. They will

    The Third Graders were introduced to Contemporary Street Artist Greg Mike. They created their own "Loud Mouf' character, including items that tell us alittle about themselves.

    The Fourth Graders just completed a name project and will be moving on to 

    The 5th Graders have been introduced to something new.




    They just finished learning about Van Gogh and Starry Night. They created a Starry City Night. They are now working on a collage inspired by the book Alphabet Soup. The Second Graders also learned about Van Gogh and Starry Night. They created a pastel resist sky. Then painted a city silhoutte. They are working on their Super Hero self portraits to add to their sky. Third Graders are working on a project inspired by the artists Henry Matisse and Reginald Laurent. They are cutting geometric and organic shapes from construction paper and gluing them to black paper. Fourth Graders are working on a project inspired by the book The Day the Crayons Quit. They are creating 3D crayons with paper mache. Then they will be painting them and adding a personality. Fifth Graders are working on many projects. Some are working on a name project- writing their name with a grafitti alphabet, others choosing a logo and replacing the company name with theirs. Some are finishing up their candy paintings inspired by the work of Georgia O"Keefe. It is always busy in the Art Room!