5th grade

ELA and Math

  • Reading and Writing

    In fourth and fifth grade we are using reading strategies to strengthen our reading comprehension by finding evidence in the text and writing summaries. In fourth and fifth grade we have started our nonfiction reading and writing unit of study. We will be using all types of informational texts to practice the skills of summarizing, determining the main idea and supporting details, and figuring out unfamiliar vocabulary. We are growing as readers and writers!



    We are strengthening our math skills with daily practice! The fourth graders continue to master their multiplication facts and use strategies to solve multiplication word problems. In the next unit, we begin fractions! In fifth grade, we are comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, identifying improper fractions and mixed numbers. Students are encouraged to play math games at home on Dreambox, Connect Ed, and Splashlearn to support their classroom learning.