• Wow how the time is flying by!

    In math we’ve learned different algorithms to help us solve addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems. We’ve touched upon geometry and learned how to solve multistep word problems. We are venturing now into the world of fractions. Students are encouraged to play math fact games at https://connected.mcgraw-hill.com to increase speed and memorization. Students should be using DreamBox Learning, our individualized learning platform to increase math achievement, at least 60-90 per week for the program to be effective.

    4th graders should continue to read their “just right” books for 20-30 minutes each night to increase fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. We are having a blast working with classmates in our historical fiction book clubs.  We’ve written research reports on a variety of different topics, and learned so much. We are also having a lot of fun with all of the activities that are going on at Gibbs. We took a field trip to National Geographic Encounter in New York City, how exciting!!!  Nature Mark came to visit our classrooms and taught us all about how our great, great, great, great, great, great, ancestors lived long ago.

    We are looking forward to the first day of spring and the nice weather, so we can get outside, run around, and have fun!!!