About the Teacher

Phone: 7519


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Michael Batkiw

Mr. Batkiw teaches 9th Grade Biology here at New Milford High School.


Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Batkiw worked for some of the biggest corporations in New Jersey, in such varied roles as a special investigator, litigation specialist, manager, analyst, and corporate trainer. 


Mr. Batkiw has taught as both a middle and high school teacher, and as a seminar teacher for adults. When not teaching in a school, he also provides test preparation tutoring for students.


Mr. Batkiw has experience teaching Honors and AP Biology, Environmental Science, Anatomy and Physiology, Introductory Chemistry, and Astronomy. He holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree.


Extra office hours take place in Room 316:  Tuesday afternoons, after the 7th Period and Friday mornings, before 1st Period.