District Contact Information

  • Michael A. Polizzi

    Superintendent of Schools

    Ext. 1125


    Theresa Fischer

    Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

    Ext. 1125


    Lauren Odoksta

    Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Ext. 1118


    Andrea Doornheim

    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Curriculum and Instruction

    Ext. 1118


    Michael K. Sawicz CPA

    Business Administrator / Board Secretary

    Ext. 1121


    Lore Valcarcel

    Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator

    Ext. 1121

  • Whitney Perro

    Director of Special Services

    Ext. 1260


    Kristin Caputo

    Director of Elementary Education

    Ext. 4008/5008


    Ronald Stokes

    Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds

    Ext. 1119


    Kate Suozzo

    Assistant Business Administrator

    Ext. 1116


    Gerladine Versace

    Accounts Payable

    Ext. 1117


    Colleen O'Hanlon

    Central Office Secretary

    Ext. 1122