• Communication between parents, guardians, and our schools is an important factor in the success of our students. Parents and guardians are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher, counselor, and/or case manager with questions related to the classroom and other matters relevant to a student’s educational experience. Should a matter remain unresolved after you have contacted the classroom teacher, counselor, and/or case manager, parents and guardians are encouraged to follow the “Chain of Communication.” Respectively, the “Chain of Communication” includes teachers/counselors/CST members, supervisors, vice principals/principals, and central office administrators. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s school or the appropriate department at the following phone numbers should you need additional support in resolving a situation.

    Please know that in any school community organization, bypassing levels in the chain of communication often creates additional problems and extends the timeline for resolution.

    Main Number: 201 261-2952

    New Milford High School: 201-262-0172 | HS Staff Directory - Principal, Louis Manuppelli, Vice Principal, Gerard Perrone

    David E. Owens Middle School: 201-265-8661 | DEO Staff Directory - Principal, James DeLallam Vice Principal, Nicole Perna

    Berkley Street Elementary School: 201-262-0191 | Berkley Staff Directory - Principal, Caridad Chrisomalis, Vice Principal, Patricia Policastro

    B.F. Gibbs Elementary School: 201-261-0939 | Gibbs Staff Directory - Principal, Jessica Torre, Vice Principal, Patricia Policastro

    District Math Supervisor, Shana Rose Ginley, ext. 1112