Chain of Communication

  • Please see the document below, "How to Effectively Communicate with School Officials" for proper protocol.

    New Milford Schools District Phone Number: 201 261-2952

    New Milford High School: 201-262-0172 | HS Staff Directory - Principal, Louis Manuppelli, VP, Gerard Perrone

    David E. Owens Middle School: 201-265-8661 | DEO Staff Directory - Principal, James DeLalla, VP, Nicole Perna

    Berkley St. Elementary School: 201-262-0191 | Berkley Staff Directory - Principal, Caridad Chrisomalis, VP, Patricia Policastro

    B.F. Gibbs Elementary School: 201-261-0939 | Gibbs Staff Directory - Principal, Jessica Torre, VP, Patricia Policastro

    Acting Superintendent, Lauren Odoksta,

    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Lauren Odoksta, 201-261-2952, ext. 1118

    District Math Supervisor, Shana Rose Ginley, 201-261-2952, ext. 1112

    Supervisor of Guidance, Kelly Peterfriend, 201-262-0172, ext. 2012

    Director of Special Services,  Whitney Perro, 201-262-0172, ext. 1262 

    HIB Coordinator, Doreen Zacher,

    Business Administrator, Stephanie Kuchar, 201 261-2952, ext. 1121

    Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds, Brian Perro, 201 261-2952, ext. 1119

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