Athletic Department

    Joseph Ricciardelli
    Director of Athletics
    Supervisor of Physical Education/Health K-12
    201-262-0172  ext. 2005 
    Theresa Pizzo
    Athletic Secretary
    201-262-0172   ext. 2005 
    Dear NMHS Athletes and Parents,

    I am pleased that you will be participating in the New Milford High School Athletic program as a student/athlete and spectator this year. As a student/athlete you have the opportunity to enhance your  educational experiences, develop skills and achieve personal and team goals. As a parent, you will have the opportunity to see your son/daughter demonstrate his/her talents as an athlete.

    The athletic program is an integral part of the high school experience. Athletes, spectators, parents and staff all reap the benefits of a strong program. At NMHS, we are fortunate to have a concerned, enthusiastic and experienced coaching staff. Participation in athletics should be a positive experience for all. A quote which is found in the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) handbook states “The member schools, their communities and the whole society desire academic excellence and recognition; activities free from unsportsmanlike acts; and a culture free of substance abuse.” I am sure that we would all agree on those thoughts.

    The NJSIAA has specific and strict regulations in respect to academic eligibility (number of credits earned), age and conduct of players, coaches and spectators, etc. A copy of the NJSIAA’s “The Responsibilities of Sportsmanship” and an acknowledgement form that must be signed  by each athlete and parent indicating that they have familiarized themselves with that information. An information and acknowledgement form in respect to “Substance Use – Rules, Regulations, and Penalties” which also must be signed prior to participation is required before participation for all student athletes. In addition, each student and parent must sign the “NJSIAA Steroid Testing Policy Consent To Random Testing” form enacted December 20, 2005 by Governor Richard Codey.

    Before participation in athletics, the sportsmanship and substance use acknowledgements, steroid testing consent form, parental consent  form, athletic training permit and emergency information sheet must be completed entirely. Additionally, each athlete is required by the New Jersey State Department of Education to have a medical examination prior to the first practice session of a sport. I look forward to the upcoming season with all of its promise of success and growth for our student/athletes.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Athletic Department at 201-262-0172 extension 2005.
    Joseph Ricciardelli
    Director of Athletics