The athletic department at NMHS believes athletics are a vital supplement in the overall education of our students. It is believed that the athletic teams are extensions of the classroom.

    We believe…

    …in the development of a positive attitude toward participation in a variety of activities.

    …in an appreciation and respect for the worth and dignity of individuals and a tolerance and acceptance of diversity

                            …in a cooperative attitude toward living and working with others

                            …in developing a feeling of pride in achievement and progress

                            …in developing standards of personal character and ideals

    …that fostering attributes such as loyalty, unselfishness, responsibility, and   teamwork, take precedence over a “Winning At All Costs” attitude

    …the safety and welfare of players is of utmost importance and should never be sacrificed

    …coaches must understand and be in agreement with the philosophy of the athletic


                            …coaches are role models and that their actions carry enormous weight

    …coaches should establish standards of conduct and sportsmanship, and ensure that they and their students adhere to these guidelines

    …every student in the school should be given the opportunity to benefit form the athletic program, whether it be through active participation or spectator interest




    New Milford believes in demonstrating leadership and sportsmanship on and off the playing fields, courts and gyms. Establishing an appropriate and positive playing environment is the top priority for the New Milford athletic department. The New Jersey Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) awards an annual “Sportsmanship Banner.” Earning this significant recognition remains our number one athletic goal.

    In response to inappropriate spectator behavior at many high school athletic events around the state, Governor McGreevy signed (Oct. 2002) an “Athletic Code of Conduct” into law (N.J.S.A. 5:17-2). New Milford adopted this “Athletic Code of Conduct” policy, which enforces the expectation that any spectator who engages in unsportsmanlike behavior at a high school event may be ejected and banned from attending further sporting events.

    In our effort at NMHS to encourage good sportsmanship and avoid the consequences of the legislation described above, it is imperative that you to review and discuss the importance of proper behavior at sporting events with your children. Please demonstrate appropriate behavior so that you can enjoy attending any sporting events. Conducting ourselves with respect and dignity at our various school events is equally, if not more important than the final score. Be a positive example and influence for our student athletes and fellow spectators.


    It is a privilege to participate in and attend high school athletic contests. Any negative, discriminatory and/or unethical behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to ejection from the event and loss of privilege to attend and participate in future athletic contests.



    Spectators at athletic events are expected to act in a mature and respectful manner at all games and events. It is expected that any spectators encourages and demonstrates good sportsmanship, courteous treatment of visitors and absolute respect under all conditions. It is essential that spectators follow and respect the following edict:

    Players Play the Game

    Coaches Coach the Game

    Officials Officiate the Game

    And – the Fans Enjoy and Cheer