Kindergarten News

  • Spring is almost in bloom, and so are we! The kindergartners have been so busy getting ready for first grade! 

    In Math, we are working hard on addition and subtraction facts as well as learning combinations of 10. We are comparing 3-D and 2-D shapes and learning about their attributes. This has been a fun unit full of scavenger hunts where we classify and sort shapes. Math workstations have kept us moving as well! Don’t forget to keep working on DreamBox at home! 

    In ELA, we are working on building up our reading and writing stamina. We are now trying to read longer and write more. We are working on “How To” books and will then move onto “All About Books”. Towards the end of the year, we will research to learn and write about an animal. 

    We are lucky enough to have two field trips coming up. First, we will be going to the New Milford Public Library. It will be a great trip, and hopefully, will encourage the students to continue to visit the library frequently. We are also excited to be going to Farmstead Estates! We will explore the farm and see animals, and their babies. 

    Keep up the hard work kindergartners! :)


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