Classroom News

  • Happy holidays! 2S is spending the months of November and December learning about non-fiction books. Students are alyzing different types of informational texts to understand text features such as captions, labels, and the purpose of a glossary. We are also writing informational essays about something that we are "experts" at. 

    In math, students are working to make 10's and using doubles to subtract. Math Workshop has been a success. This approach to math instruction allows students to explore concepts and reinforce topics that may need review while teachers monitor the stations for support.

    In social studies and science we are continuing to learn about different landforms such as islands, peninsulas, valleys, and mountains. The students love finding examples of these landforms on Google Earth on our classroom interactive board.

    Please remember to check your child's planner each day for important reminders and homework assignments.  


    Happy Holidays from all of us in 2S! Please check back in January for our first classroom update of 2020.