About the Teacher

Phone: 201.239.0939 extension 5131


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cortese

Ms. Cortese has been teaching at B.F. Gibbs School for fifteen years. She earned an undergraduate and graduate degree in literature, in addition to her certification in elementary education.  She attended a variety of universities such as William Paterson University, Thames Valley University of London, England, and San Diego State University.

Ms. Cortese believes that traveling is another form of education, as she spends her free time exploring the world! She has been to Africa, Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. One day she dreams of traveling to India!

Ms. Cortese spends weekends with her family and friends. On Saturdays, you can find her at the soccer and softball fields cheering on her nieces at their games. After that, you will find her in New York City enjoying music, a lecture, or film. 

Late Days Schedule