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Miss Formisano

Welcome to Miss Formisano's webpage!  I am so happy to be here at B. F. Gibbs School for the 2019-2020 school year teaching 2nd grade!

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We kicked off 2020 with a Nonfiction Reading Celebration.  Readers read multiple books on the same topic and worked to create an expert poster, which taught students about their topics.  Their posters pointed out important facts, photos and text features within their multiple texts.  We are excited to be jumping into our next reading unit on fiction.  During this unit we will discuss the different types of fiction and explore the structure of fiction texts including; traditional literature, fairy tales, folktales, realistic fiction and fantasy fiction. 

Earlier this month we completed our All About books in which we focused on nonfiction writing.  During the celebration we shared our All About books and offered compliments to other writers.  We will be diving into persuasive writing next.  Students will learn the format of a persuasive essay and be able to state their opinion and provide supporting details to back-up their opinion.

In mathematics, we will be working with money. We will use coins to buy things and find change by learning to count up. We will continue working on addition and subtraction strategies, including mentally adding and subtracting by 10 and 100. We will work with different types of number stories too!  It’s important to practice these skills at home and relate them to the real world. You could try setting up a pretend store at home or when you are grocery shopping ask your child how much two items cost. Be sure to go on Dreambox and ConnectEd daily for more exciting math practice! 

In Social Studies we are beginning a research project on a historical figure. We chose influential women and African American figures for the focus of this project. Ms. Knudsen will be helping us with the technology piece and we will have a culminating presentation at the end of the unit. We will get to dress like our historical figures at our Living History Museum! Parents will be notified about the date as it gets a little closer.