• Fall News

    Welcome to first grade! I hope everyone enjoyed a restful summer. I have enjoyed getting to know your child during the month of September. We have worked hard to create classroom expectations and learn the routines of first grade. We met new friends, played new math games, and now we eat lunch in the cafeteria like the big kids!


    In Phonics/Spelling, we are reinforcing the short vowel sounds learned in kindergarten and spelling basic CVC words (cat, pig, hop, etc.) We will focus on a different sound/pattern each week. Every Monday students will receive a page with words and sentences reflecting the sound/pattern of the week so that you can practice at home also. 


    In Readers Workshop, we started book shopping and currently take 8 just right books and a few "lookbooks" for the week. We read them all week long so that by the 5th day our voice sounds smooth when we read! Reading with a smooth voice is just one of the good reading habits we have learned in September; others include taking a sneak peek at the beginning of the book and keeping track of our reading. Another focus for the fall will be increasing our reading stamina. Right now students can read independently for about 7-8 minutes but we will look to stretch that to 30 minutes by June! 


    In Writers Workshop we had our first writing celebration at the end of September to celebrate the completion of our pattern books. Students got back in the swing of daily writing and wrote books such as "I like" and "I can." Our writing project for the months of October and November will be small moments, in which children will choose an event and write details about what happened first, next, etc. Encouraging detailed conversation and stories at dinnertime helps all literacy skills - writing, reading, speaking, and listening! 


    We finished our first unit in math and have already learned 6 new math games! You can play many of these games at home to help support math concepts such as counting on a number line, greater than/less than, and tally marks. During daily car rides, ask your child to count by 5s or 10s to practice skip counting. Or have them count on from a number other than 1; for example, "27, 28, now it's your turn." 


    Thank you for your support thus far! It was nice meeting many of you at Back to School Night and I look forward to a year filled with learning and fun!


    Ms. Farricker