• Winter News

    Happy 2019! First graders got right back into the routine after the new year and have been working hard these past several weeks. It is so exciting to hear their reading improve day by day! After snack they are so excited to read a book from our classroom library with a friend. We love the Pig the Pug series and we just had a special guest reader come read Peanut Butter & Cupcake! to us and we loved that book too. 

    In Readers Workshop, we began our nonfiction unit. Students have learned how they should look at nonfiction through a different lens while reading becaues it has different features than the fiction they have typically been exposed to. We have seen how just one page in a nonfiction book can teach us so much and each day we chat about what we've learned with a partner. We give as many details as we can without looking at the book! 

    In Writers Workshop we have been working hard on our informational All About books. Students picked an expert topic and are teaching their reader details about that topic. Our books are almost 10 pages and have multiple chapters! This has really boosted their writing confidence since in September most students were writing just one or two sentences! Parents, be on the lookout for an invitation to our class writing celebration!

    Math workshop continues to be one of our favorite parts of the day. We are officially halfway through the math curriculum (and the school year!) and have learned so many new concepts. During math workshop we visit three stations per day. Our favorite activities include math games with a partner, fact fluency practice, and of course, the chromebooks! Right now our biggest challenge is solving number stories and writing a sentence explaining how we got our answer. These skills will continue to be a focus throughout the winter. 

    Parents, please continue to check the homework planner for daily homework. Don't forget to practice your sight word flashcards; building an automatic sight word vocabulary is crucial to progress through the early reading levels. And of course, don't forget to visit the library often and read with your child each night!  

    Miss Farricker