• Fall News


    We are off to a great start in first grade! We have made new friends, learned new routines, and now we eat lunch in the cafeteria! We got our school pictures taken and went to the Scholastic Book Fair to pick out some new books to read with our families. Some of us have even lost a tooth or two and learned to tie our shoes! We have been busy!

    In readers workshop we learned about good reading habits and what makes a good reading partner. Soon we will start learning about strategies to solve tricky words in our just right books. Our favorite series in 1F right now is the Pig the Pug series; we were really excited to see his books available for us at the book fair!

    In writers workshop we finished our pattern books and are working on personal narrative stories. We chose an event that happened to us and are stretching it out to include the beginning, middle, and end. We are working hard to "zoom in" on a small moment in time rather than tell a story about the entire day. We are using transition words like first, next, after that, etc.

    We already took our first math test and are working in Unit 2. Knowing the combinations of ten is a huge focus in first grade and we are reinforcing this through games such as ten frame top it and penny plate. Penny plate is a terrific game to play at home - all you need is ten pennies and a plate or cup! Hide some of the pennies under the plate while your child closes his or her eyes. When they open their eyes, they count how many pennies are on top of the plate and use that information to determine how many pennies are under the plate. For example, if 6 pennies are on top of the plate, there must be 4 underneath. Continue to check your child's green take home folder for the math work done in class so you can review any challenging concepts with your child. 

    Parents, please continue to check the homework planner for daily homework. Don't forget to practice your sight word flashcards; building an automatic sight word vocabulary is crucial to progress through the early reading levels. 

    Miss Farricker