• Winter News

    The first graders are hard at work this winter! 

    In Phonics/Spelling, we are reinforcing the 5 short vowel sounds, the "h brothers" (digraphs), consonant blends, and glide sounds all learned in Volume 1 of our Project Read curriculum. This winter students will be introduced to the magic e spelling pattern, vowel teams, and consonant clusters. Please continue to check the black folder each night for reading material that reflects that week's sound/pattern. 

    In Readers Workshop, we have been focusing on nonfiction text. Please continue to read for 15 minutes each night. 

    In Writers Workshop we are also focusing on nonfiction. Earlier in the winter we worked on how to writing and now we have moved on to writing All About books. Students chose an expert topic and are working to write chapters of their book. The finished product will also include a table of contents and a glossary! Encouraging detailed conversation and stories at dinnertime helps all literacy skills - writing, reading, speaking, and listening! 

    We are about halfway through our Everyday Math curriculum and took our mid-year assessment at the end of January. The data collected from this assessment will help to plan small group instruction in the weeks that follow. We are focusing on base 10 blocks (hundreds, tens, and ones), addition and subtraction fact strategies, mentally adding and subtracting 10, and recognizing number patterns.

    We are looking forward to celebrating Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school in February! 

    Thank you for your your ongoing support! 

    Ms. Farricker