Mrs. Christina Priore

Phone: (201) 265 - 8661 ext. 7368


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A in Mathematics

Mrs. Christina Priore

At Marist College, it was a tough decision whether or not to pursue an undergraduate degree in secondary education of Chemistry or Mathematics. After a stressful semester of not knowing, I finally chose mathematics, because I thought there was only one right answer. I come to find out that there are different ways to get to your right answer and that sometimes there's not just one answer! Also, while I was in college, I was captain of the Women's Rugby team. 

My goal in mathematics education is for students to have a solid foundation of the subject for high school, post-secondary education and future endeavors . I want students to remember how they discovered the material and implementing that way of critical thinking to everyday life. 
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Late Days

  • Welcome Presentation

    This presentation includes the explanation of grading procedures and grading categories. In addition to the presentation, grades from assessments will be posted on PowerSchool within 2 days of taking an assessment. Quizzes will be on every Friday unless otherwise discussed. Tests will be announced in class at least 5 school days in advance. Homework will be posted on Google Classroom. If I forget to post homework on Google Classroom, I will give students enough time in class the next day to complete the assignment. If students had time in class the day it was assigned, I will not give them time in class to complete the assignment. Google Classroom is a tool to help their organization and memory. It is not an excuse to not do what is assigned to them, if by chance the assignment/assessment is not posted. Students need to take responsibility to remember what their assignments are and when their assessments are as well.

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