Mrs. Mary Simmons

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Mrs. Mary Simmons

I have always had a passion for history. I loved learning about the past and how it has shaped the way we live today. It amazes me that history is all around us. The buildings that make our town historic to the rivers that show how Native Americans once lived in our area. To find history all you have to do is look. I went to Monmouth University where I earned my degree in History/Political Science, Secondary Education and I also minored in Information technology.

My goal as a Social Studies teacher is to make history come to life and that my students see and share my enthusiasm for the content! The class consists of creative projects and student centered learning activities that allow the students to connect to the material and enjoy the classroom experience.



  • Grading Procedures

    My classroom grading policy is set up with category weights. This means that graded items in a category only goes towards that category's percentage, not the final grade. 

    The weight categories are as followed:

    Assessment: 65%

    • Assessments include quizzes, tests, and projects. Quizzes and tests are presented in a format that contains multiple choice, matching, fill-in the blank, and short response. There are also map skill assessments taken in class. Students do have a two week window once I post the grade onto Power School to re-take the assessment. 
    • Projects will always been given with a project explanation sheet and a rubric. Once I introduce the project in class, I post those items onto Google Classroom so that the students can use them as a reference. I ask that the students turn in their rubric with their finished project.

    Classwork: 25%

    • This covers any of the work completed in class. This can include but not limited to worksheets, writing assignments, and creating maps. 

    Homework: 10%

    • Homework is given about 1-2 times per week and is based around the content in class. 

    All assignments are updated on Power School in a timely manner. (Please contact your child's guidance counselor for an assistance with Power School Access.)

    It is your child's responsibility to come after school to receive any missing work due to their absence in class, this includes being sick, field trips, or school events.  

    Timeline for Posting Assignments on my Google Classroom site

    • Tests will be announced at least a week ahead of time. 
    • Projects posted a week prior to their due date. 
    • Homework will be posted by 4:00 PM the day it is assigned. 
    • Please send me an email if you are not receiving Google Classroom updates through your email account. 

Late Day Schedule