Basic Skills (TIPS)

  • The Targeted Interventions and Planned Support (TIPS) program provides supplemental instruction to children in kindergarten through fifth grade. These students gain additional support in the area of Language Arts/Literacy and Math. The goal of our program is to improve and maintain proficiency in those areas.

    TIPS is conducted in a small-group pull out or push in setting, or a combination of both to deliver differentiated research-based interventions targeting specific skills. We work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to help ensure that specific academic goals are being set for each student.

    Group lessons, individual lessons, content-related projects and fun, educational games contribute to the overall framework. We are very excited to start another school year & look forward to working with our students.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
    Here’s to a great, successful year full of learning!



    Mrs. Meindl (Math)

    VM Ext: 7217


    Mrs. Madger (ELA)

    VM Ext: 7132