Winter Update

  • It might be chilly or rainy outside, but in Room 112A we are warming up!!

    Both third and fifth grades are wrapping up their nonfiction reading unit of study. We used all types of informational texts to practice the skills of summarizing, determining main idea and supporting details, and figuring out unfamiliar vocabulary. The students have written expert pieces about fascinating topics that they know a lot about. They have drafted all of their sections, revised, and now we are ready to edit before we begin typing. (Don’t forget to have them practice keyboarding at home so they can improve their typing speed!) When we finish publishing, we’ll be sharing them with other students, and sharing them with our families at home as well!

    The third graders will begin their next reading unit which is Character Studies. We will delve into understanding our characters in the many stories we read together and on our own. The fifth graders are excited to read the long-awaited book Wonder as the mentor text in our Social Issues reading unit.

    In math, third graders are learning measurement and geometry. They will measure to the half inch, make line plots, explore geometric attributes, and measure perimeter and area of polygons. Of course, we continue learning and practicing multiplication facts to develop our fact fluency. Don’t forget to keep practicing these at home! Please encourage your child to use Dreambox regularly at home to solidify all their math skills and the concepts they are learning in class.

    Fifth graders move on to decimals in this unit to compare, order and round decimals. They are also introduced to the coordinate grid. Finally, they will learn to add and subtract decimals.