New Milford High School provides a superior education by utilizing multiple and diverse paths to success for all children. Students are encouraged to explore educational experiences that are meaningful and relevant, and that provide opportunities to explore and achieve at high levels. N.J.A.C.6A:8-5.1(a)1ii, commonly known as “Option Two,” permits district boards of education to establish curricular activities or programs aimed at achieving the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for promotion and graduation purposes.


    Option 2 serves as an alternative to traditional high school courses. Option 2 programs will allow students to obtain credit for learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom environment. These experiences provide real-world connections not available in the school setting. This regulation requires a set of policies and procedures that  permit a student or group of students to meet or exceed the core standards in any subject area  through alternative activities. Option 2 cannot be used to replace courses offered at NMHS, but rather to enhance the existing curriculum. The following are the current opportunities under Option 2.




    Courses for Advancement/Enrichment            Grades 10-12


    Students may apply to take an outside course to include on their transcript and/or to advance a course level. A  common example of advanced coursework is the student who takes an additional mathematics course to advance to the next level of math or a world language that is not offered for study at our high school. Advancement/Enrichment classes can be taken in-person or virtually. The cost is borne by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s). The grade earned from any approved program and/or any college/university will appear on the student’s transcript and will be factored into their grade point average (GPA).  


    Prerequisite: Prior approval must be obtained using the Advancement/Enrichment course application. 


    Advancement and/or Enrichment



    Independent Study      Grades 10-12


    Independent Study offers additional educational experiences for high school students, in a particular discipline or area of interest, to increase their knowledge above and beyond the current curricular offerings. Independent Studies can be done either inside or outside of the high school and must be supervised by a New Milford High School faculty member or other approved outside professional/mentor. Examples of Independent Studies include: Student Tech Team, advanced independent research or experience, etc. Independent Study experience will appear on the student’s transcript. Upon completion the student will earn both credit and either a “Pass” or “Fail” (P or F) which will not be factored into their GPA.  


    Prerequisite: Prior approval must be obtained using the Independent Study application. 


    Independent Study



    Alternative Physical Education          Grades 9-12


    N.J.S.A. 18A:35-7 requires every NJ public high school student to take a course in health and physical education for each year enrolled in high school. Students are required to participate in a minimum of 150 minutes per week (on average) in Physical Education. Students approved for this alternative physical education option will report to a designated location during the assigned physical education period. Students will not be allowed to substitute another class in place of alternative physical education. Health cannot be completed under the Option Two program.  


    Prerequisite: Prior approval must be obtained using the Alternative Physical Education application. 


    Alternative Physical Education




    Financial Literacy Summer Course


    Financial Literacy is a graduation requirement and can be met through the following New Milford courses: Personal Financial Literacy (s) (2.5 credits), Family Consumer Science (5 credits), or Economics (s) (2.5 credits). However, students can also fulfill this 2.5 credit requirement through an approved on-line summer course. If you would like to take this virtual course over the summer, you must complete the request form below. Please understand that the financial responsibility for the course is borne by the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).


    Summer Course Request Form for Financial Literacy