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    There is a mandatory meeting for all students enrolled in any AP courses this school year on Thursday, October 15th at 2:30pm OR Friday, October 16th at 1:30pm. Please choose the date/time that works better for you and use the following link to join the meet.  The meeting will be brief, but it is necessary that all AP students attend on one of these dates regardless of your intention to take the AP test in May.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Porr.  

    Thursday, October 15th at 2:30pm--
    Friday, October 16th at 1:30pm--
    Attention students registered for the September & October 2020 SAT administrations at New Milford High School:
    The September 26th and October 3rd adminstrations at New Milford High School have been cancelled.  Any student registered for these SAT administrations will be receiving a full refund.  These refunds will be issued by the CollegeBoard and should be expected in the coming weeks.  If you do not receive a refund by October 15th, please reach out to CollegeBoard directly. 
    Guidance Support- In addition to regularly scheduled meetings, a member of the NMHS Guidance Team will be available starting today September 21st from 2:30-2:55pm Monday through Thursday to answer any general questions regarding testing, college applications, post-secondary plans, student resume, transcripts, or any other school-related topics. The Google Meet is available to students, parents and guardians. It will be an open forum so any student-specific questions should be privately addressed to the student's Guidance Counselor. 
    Schedule and Google Meet links:
    Monday - Ms. Michelle Harle -
    Tuesday - Mrs. Jeanine Tricario -
    Wednesday - Mrs. Carina Porr -
    Thursday - Mrs. Mary Bilali -


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