Alexander Diaz 2023



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Alexander Diaz

Alexander Diaz is a multi-talented and multi award winning artist and executive who has made a significant impact in the world of performing arts in New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles and abroad. A 2003 graduate of New Milford High School, he then graduated from the University of the Arts with honors and has since worked as a performer, director, educator, and producer.

Diaz has dedicated his life to promoting arts education and served as the Education Director at bergenPAC for 12 years. He is currently the CEO and Executive Director at bergenPAC, where he continues to inspire young artists and bring world class entertainment to northern New Jersey. 

Diaz is a passionate advocate for the arts and has produced several successful shows, including the American History Unbound series at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center. Diaz has received numerous awards for his talents, and productions. Diaz serves on the Executive board of the Northern New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, the executive board of Arts Pride, and the executive board of bergenPAC.

He is a devoted husband to his beautiful wife Desere and a loving father to his two children, Delilah and Alexander. Diaz's unwavering commitment to the arts and his dedication to educating young artists have made him a beloved figure in the performing arts community.